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  • Be free to focus on your business
    Establishing specific office or accounting procedures
    Most optimum tax regime selection
    Full range of accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Financial Strength of your Business!
    Whatever level of help you might need
    24/7 Access to your data - from anywhere!
    Full set of Legal Service
  • Accounting is our business
    Highest level of expertise and consultation
    Accounting process on a day-to-day basis
    Accurate and timely financial statements


A complete range of high-quality accounting services and tax advice for your company in Latvia. It is easy to outsource all bookkeeping and accounting operations to our senior accounting professionals.

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Legal services

Preparation of a complete package of documents, assistance in opening a checking account at the bank, the interaction with the various funds and tax authorities.

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A systematic examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of an enterprise for a stated purpose. Audits provide assurance that the subject matter is free from material misstatement.

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Accounting services

The services provided by Auditoru Agentura “GRAFA” are financial consulting, financial management, selection of a tax regime, and Company’s management and accounting services of the highest level of expertise. 

We deal with those who want and deserve the best. 

Thanks to modern technologies, we have the ability to perform accounting function from our office, on our 24/7 servers system, but allow you and your employees access to your records using the Internet 24 hours per days 7 days per week.

Our Primary Services:

  • We provide a full set of tax and accounting records for companies of all legal forms. Depending on the selected taxation system of a company, the specialists at AA GRAFA are ready to offer accurate accounting records in keeping with the laws and regulations. We guarantee the timely submission of all reports.
  • Registration, re-registration and winding-up of organizations of any form of ownership, as well as changing the form of ownership.
  • Accounting consulting services provide an opportunity to eliminate all kinds of mistakes in official reports and avoid any potential problems with supervisory authorities.
  • An audit offers an opportunity to check the accuracy of a company’s statutory accounting and correct any mistakes. Audit of financial accounting and reporting helps to save you time and money and gives you assurance that your company's accounting is functioning perfectly.

What does outsourcing of accounting mean?

Accounting outsourcing is the successful business strategy that allows companies focusing to core business operations. As the outsourcing service provider and your partner:

  • We will care about all your accounting thus there will be no need for a team of in-house accountants.
  • We submit all accounting reports and tax returns on time.
  • We take all responsibility for any delayed reporting fines. 
  • We increase the accuracy of accounting information and tax reports.

We are very flexible in terms of the form of cooperation – starting from a one-time tax return preparation to a subscription based service with a fixed monthly payment. We are fully responsible for the quality of the services provided to our clients, our liability is insured.


Our clients

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In cooperation with the publishing house LLC “PVN Konsultacijas” was prepared for publishing a new book addressing the application issues of the new Law on VAT.

To get this book:  

PVN Konsultācijas SIA   
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